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An Introduction

 Rev. Muhammad is truly a man of God and we are blessed to have him as our new pastor. His preaching style is much like teaching, very laid-back and relatable. We love and appreciate him for being led by God, giving us what we need... a Word from the Lord.  – Members of Mt. Olive

In My Shoes

Traditionally, the section “Our Pastor” would be reserved for me to give an exhaustive list of my accolades and accomplishments. Instead, I want to share my journey. I exist only because of the love and unmerited grace of Jesus Christ. I AM NOT the super hero, HE IS!


The Journey

Why did I change my last name to Muhammad?

Although I was raised in church, actively participated during services, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, I began to ask questions that, truth be told, the older generation just could not answer. As a result, I eventually drifted away, leaving the Lord. At nineteen years old, and fairly fresh in the Army, I began to explore Islam. There were various things that attracted me to that faith because I assumed Islam held progressive truths that could not be found in Christianity. Its principles were profound and seemingly all who believed could defend their faith – they understood it and could explain it. After being a devout Muslim for a few years, I legally changed my name, then I later traveled extensively in the Middle East, to include Mecca in Saudi Arabia, personally witnessing a type of unity and brotherhood that I had never seen before, particularly with Christians. People of diverse races, nationalities, and ethnic groups were worshipping together. This indeed was new to me.

As a native of Savannah, Georgia, I saw and experienced racism firsthand. I struggled to understand the “great racial divide” that existed every Sunday morning – blacks worshipping with blacks and whites worshipping with whites. As far as I could tell, Heaven would be as segregated as the South. At that time in my life, racism was poisoning the church and stifling, what I would later discover to be, the real message of Jesus Christ. This was not, and is not, the divine plan of God. The finished work of Christ on the cross renders all that receive Him, brothers and sisters.

For thirteen years, I futilely searched Islam looking for answers that it did not possess. At this point, I became religiously stagnant, going nowhere. Ultimately, what Islam failed to deliver was not religion, order, or structure for my life, but a relationship with God. That is what God desires to have with his children, a true, living and breathing relationship.

Why did I choose to keep my last name?

In 1999, I rededicated my life to Christ, yet something was still missing. I knew what it was, I knew God chose me to preach His Word, but I was afraid, afraid to be as those before me, unable to explain Scripture. It wasn’t until 2005 that God broke me, and I yielded unconditionally to His divine will and plan for my life. I was broken, but restored; I was lonely, but finally befriended. I began to experience a peace that I could not articulate, and partake of an indefinable joy. I became ceaselessly cognizant of His presence. It has only been through the Holy Spirit that I began to learn and grow as the Bible transformed from mere words to the very breath of God.

It is with this sense of purpose and conviction that I gladly teach and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. His love is amazing and He is the only means of salvation. I am honored to be a humble servant within the body of Christ.

I continue to wear the last name “Muhammad” as an opportunity to reach those who are searching outside of Christ, as many have inquired of me concerning my “religion” based upon my name. So, it is a tool to open dialog about Christ. I also wear the name to remind me of my spiritual journey, for it is my testimony that if you, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Psalms 22:6). Although the old folks of my church couldn’t explain everything, I knew they loved Jesus, and they did their best to prepare me to make the right choice when I would become an older man. Wow! I am still amazed that God chose me.

In closing, if you have a loved one OR if it is you that has fallen away from Christ, it is not too late. He is standing with His arms open wide to embrace you. I encourage you to find a church home that preaches AND teaches Bible, not opinion. Better yet, fellowship with us and experience the love of Christ. I am eager to meet and talk with you!

Continued Blessings and Favor,

Pastor Rashad R. Muhammad

Pastor Muhammad

Rev. Rashad R. Muhammad – Pastor

Family Matters

Pastor Muhammad has been married to the lovely Tiffany Muhammad for 16 years, sharing four wonderful children: Aisha (Melita), Andrew (Richard), Adia, and Aaron. The Muhammads are excited about their transition to Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. They have fallen in love with each church member and are eager to see what God has in store, as He moves in the lives of Mt. Olive's parishioners.

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Pastor & Sister Muhammad

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Aisha (Melita)

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Andrew (Richard)

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